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Retrofitting a cleanroom into an existing structure, making an existing production line “clean,” upgrading a current operation to meet new standards for quality, purity or performance?  Maybe you’re looking to redeploy capital and leveraging an existing building that has already been depreciated?  This approach has been taken by many technology leaders across a variety of industries, and AdvanceTEC has been there to help them refurbish, upgrade and retrofit the latest cleanroom and contamination control technology.  What are these leaders looking to achieve?
  • Save jobs through expanded capabilities
  • Increase yield in quality to directly impact the bottom line
  • Penetrate new markets with higher margins
  • Retain a technology driven demanding key client
  • Depreciate cleanroom as plant equipment

Your Challenge

So, what’s your challenge?  Why are you looking at retrofitting a cleanroom into your operation?
  • You have a building and you’re not sure it can support a cleanroom operation within it
  • You have a quality problem or a yield issue with your production line
  • You want to break into a market segment that has better margin and a brighter future
  • You must respond to client quality rejections of face losing the business
Chances are that regardless of your challenge, AdvanceTEC has done it!

Achieving “Clean”

AdvanceTEC leverages our experience and technology to enable your technology:
  • Understand your challenge, your technology, your process, and your definition of success
  • Study existing facility drawings and data to quantify available base utilities
  • Conduct a site survey using digital field scanning
  • Leverage data from digital field scans to 3D BIM Model / VDC
  • Identify process utilities and infrastructure needed to service your needs
  • Create a cleanroom facility and integrate your equipment and process to serve your needs
  • Sequence a project execution plan that minimizes downtime or disruption to current operations
  • Use modular off-site fabrication and on-site integration of systems and racks enhance speed and quality
AdvanceTEC’s proven cleanroom retrofitting expertise ensures the right design, effective project execution, and the right performance to enable your technology.

Let's Get Started

What does your process require?
ISO Classification, environmental performance (temperature, humidity, vibration)? What else is important to your process and future success?
What are your required process utilities?
Gases, ultra-pure water, exhaust (general, corrosive, solvent), process power, process waste abatement?
What base utilities & capacities do you have available?
Electric, chilled water, hot water, steam, or none of the above?
What is your schedule?
When do you have to get your budget in place?  When do you need to get started?
What is your budget?
Need help budgeting right now?  Why have some “designer” or consultant design something you can’t afford?

markets & applications

Technology is advancing at eye popping speeds – cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous cars – all demanding smarter, faster, more efficient and more reliable devices.

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