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Polysilicon for PV solar cells, ion lithium batteries for EV, upgrades and retrofits to existing manufacturing lines, chemistry labs, application labs, metrology labs.  Your disruptive technology is our passion.  Applications requiring advanced HVAC, filtration, energy conservation and process integration – that’s AdvanceTEC’s expertise. Whether you are retrofitting a current line to support advanced new processes, launching a breakthrough new product or disruptive technology, or getting ready to meet impending regulatory requirements, AdvanceTEC’s vast experience can help you save time, save money, and have the right facility to serve your business objectives.

Valued Customers 

The “AdvanceTEC Difference”

Cleantech Expertise In-House  
AdvanceTEC utilizes the latest technologies in digital scanning, 3D printing, and 3D BIM / VDC design to create Cleantech solutions for retrofit and upgrades to new plant manufacturing plants.  We’re skilled at on-site evaluations of current operations and creating actionable upgrades, to defining and implementing solutions for complete new builds.
Turn-Key Design Build Expertise
How much money have you lost in the past with finger pointing on a project? With AdvanceTEC’s Turn-Key BIM Build we take single point responsibility for cost, schedule, performance and process integration.  When you have to be certain, it has to be AdvanceTEC’s Turn-Key BIM to Build execution.
“Open Market, Zero Compromises”
Why should a cleanroom vendor dictate how your project or process is going to go?  They shouldn’t, and we don’t!   AdvanceTEC’s Open Market, Zero Compromises means you, THE CUSTOMER gets choices and options, and you make informed decisions.  This customer centric approach provides you best-in-class outcomes for your budget, your schedule, your performance and your aesthetics.  You make the decisions and AdvanceTEC makes it happen.
3D BIM to Build Execution
Concept kicks-off our 3D BIM process and carries straight through our TOP (Turn-Over Package) for you.  Estimating, coordination, scheduling, VR (Virtual Realty) walk-throughs – at AdvanceTEC our 3D BIM expedites your project from concept through commissioning.
When You’re Not Sure What You Need – Call AdvanceTEC
Do you have existing operations that now need to become clean?  Or emerging novel technology where the process requirements haven’t been fully defined?  Maybe you need to increase quality and production yields, but you are seeing process contamination impact your product.  AdvanceTEC can help with insightful expertise and reasoned recommendations to help you elevate your operations without breaking the bank.
Complex HVAC, Carbon Footprint Energy Reductions, Building Codes, Advanced Filtration
Challenged by negative pressure airflows or excessive chemical or gases?  Is your carbon footprint too large?  Chances are we’ve seen similar challenges – and solved them.  Put AdvanceTEC’s years of in-house expertise to work for you..

Let's Get Started

What does your process require?
ISO Classification, environmental performance (temperature, humidity, vibration)? What else is important to your process and future success?
What are your required process utilities?
Gases, ultra-pure water, exhaust (general, corrosive, solvent), process power, process waste abatement?
What base utilities & capacities do you have available?
Electric, chilled water, hot water, steam, or none of the above?
What is your schedule?
When do you have to get your budget in place?  When do you need to get started?
What is your budget?
Need help budgeting right now?  Why have some “designer” or consultant design something you can’t afford?

Cleanliness Classifications

ISO Standard 14446
  • ISO 4
  • ISO 5
  • ISO 6
  • ISO 7
  • ISO 8
  • ISO 9
Federal Standard 209e
  • Class 10
  • Class 100
  • Class 1,000
  • Class 10,000
  • Class 100,000

Cleanroom IP

AdvanceTEC is the industry leading design & build cleanroom and process integration provider where experts with decades of segment experience apply the latest digital tools and technologies to deliver outstanding outcomes for customers. 

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