“Customer” Centric, “Project” Centric – not “Product” Centric

Focused on Your Success

Why should a cleanroom material vendor dictate your project and your investment?  The answer: they shouldn’t! Open Market, Zero Compromises is a customer centric offering at AdvanceTEC that’s different.  We focus on you and your success, not pushing a product or selling you on some gimmick.   Sounds different?  It is!

AdvanceTEC is the cleanroom industry expert that provides you with choices, options, solutions, and approaches to achieve your budget, your project, your schedule and your total performance.  We are not beholden to any one system, any single approach, or any particular vendor.  You have challenges, we have solutions.  You have questions, we have answers.  You want something different – we are here!
  • Vendor independent from any single system or cookie cutter solutions
  • Robust supply chain of options, approaches, and price points—no sole sourcing
  • In-house 3D BIM library enables selections on the fly
  • Direct procure model eliminates project risks
  • 30 Years of industry experience offering the latest advancements
Open Market, Zero Compromises puts “Cleanroom IP” in action!

Advantages of Open Market, Zero Compromises

When do you get market advantages with no disadvantages?  What does Open Market, Zero Compromises provide you?
  • Best-in-class solutions at the best price
  • Top performance across ALL cleanroom categories – no compromises, no trade-offs
  • Options, choices, and alternatives – informed selections in your best interest
  • Risk management from supply chain interruptions, lead-times and limitations
With Open Market, Zero Compromises, AdvanceTEC listens to you.  AdvanceTEC works for you.  And we deliver for you!

We’re Ready…
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Technology is advancing at eye popping speeds – cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous cars – all demanding smarter, faster, more efficient and more reliable devices.

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