Nanotech Cleanroom Design Build

5G cellular, A.I., cloud computing, EV cars, gaming, data centers, solar energy and renewables – these are your innovations, and our skillset of cleanroom expertise. AdvanceTEC’s team of segment experts is helping nanotechnology and semiconductor companies across the industry innovate, collaborate, and create the infrastructure that enables their technology advancements and brings them to market.  

The “AdvanceTEC Difference”

Segment Expertise In-House
AdvanceTEC brings the in-house expertise to ensure the success of your project: from Class 10 E-beam photolithography bays, to ISO 5 deposition bays, to ISO 7 Class 10,000 test and package lines.
3D BIM to Build
Concept kicks-off our 3D BIM process and carries straight through our commissioning and TOP (Turn-Over Package) for you.  Estimating, coordination, scheduling, VR (Virtual Realty) walk-throughs – at AdvanceTEC our 3D BIM expedites your project from concept through commissioning.
Turn-Key Nanotech Cleanrooms Design Build Expertise
How much money have you lost in the past with finger pointing on a project?  With AdvanceTEC’s Turn-Key BIM to Build we take on single point responsibility for cost, schedule, and total performance. When you have to be certain, it has to be AdvanceTEC’s Turn-Key Design Build execution.
Process Tool Installation & Integration
At AdvanceTEC, we start with your process and end with clean.  Our focus is your process, which drives the best cleanroom approach.  This means ultra-pure water (UPW) skids & distribution, toxic gas monitoring systems (TGMS), chemical dispense systems, acid waste neutralization (AWN) systems, and complex forms of abatement and exhaust systems.  
Production Fabs to Application Labs
From trace metals labs to production fabs, AdvanceTEC can help you reach your objectives.  While the needs of a lab may be different than a fab, they are also very much the same:  life safety, code compliance, quality, stability, ISO Classification, and total performance.  Our expertise and skilled resource team scales to fit your budget, your schedule, and your needs.

Valued Customers 

Our Experience

AdvanceTEC has a proven track record of delivering sophisticated HVAC, advanced energy management, capital and operational expense efficiency and optimization for leading-edge Nanotech and Semiconductor cleanrooms.  


General Requirements
  • Bay and chase vs. ballroom layouts
  • Plenum, FFU, flush grid, T-grid ceilings
  • ULPA and HEPA fan filter unit (FFU) vs. terminal HEPA
  • BMS Controls (BAS / BMS)
  • Raised access floors (RAF) vs. solid floors
  • Ultra-pure water skids (ASTM E1, E1.1, E1.2) and PVDF & Teflon distribution systems
  • Waste abatement, scrubbers, spark resistant fans
  • AWN (acid waste neutralization)
  • TGMS (toxic gas monitoring systems) and gas cabinets & distribution
  • Chillers, CHW (chilled water), process cooling
  • Boilers, HW (hot water), steam
Critical Process Requirements
  • Trace metals
  • Temperature stability
  • Humidity control
  • Sound attenuation
  • Vibration abatement
  • UV lighting
  • Applications labs
  • E-beam lithography bays
  • Pilot lines
  • Fabs for volume production
  • Test floors and final packaging
  • Fume hood integration  
  • Fully automated wet process stations
  • MOCVD labs
  • TEM/SEM rooms
  • Laser labs
  • Radiant cooled labs

Cleanliness Classifications

ISO Standard 14446
  • ISO 4
  • ISO 5
  • ISO 6
  • ISO 7
  • ISO 8
  • ISO 9
Federal Standard 209e
  • Class 10
  • Class 100
  • Class 1,000
  • Class 10,000
  • Class 100,000

Let's Get Started

What does your process require?
Cleanliness ISO Classification, Bio-Safety Levels (BSL), N+1 Redundancy, pressurization cascades & negative pressure sinks, process utilities and panels?
What are your required process utilities required?
WFI, gases, exhaust, drains, process power, process waste abatement?
What base utilities & capacities do you have available?
Electric, chilled water, hot water, steam, or none of the above?
What is your schedule?
When is your process equipment arriving?  When do you need to start validation? When do engineering lots begin?  When are GMP Engineering lots scheduled to start?
What is your budget?
Need help budgeting right now?  Why have some “designer” or consultant design something you can’t afford?  Need a design built to your budget?

Cleanroom IP

AdvanceTEC is the industry leading design & build cleanroom and process integration provider where experts with decades of segment experience apply the latest digital tools and technologies to deliver outstanding outcomes for customers. 

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