Your Process IS Why You Need a Cleanroom

Your process is why you need a cleanroom in the first place.  Unfortunately to some, a cleanroom is just a “shiny white box” that blows filtered air.  But unless the process requirements have been integrated, it’s just a shiny white waste of money.  While others focus on selling you walls, ceilings and doors, we focus on total performance of the cleanroom and your critical processes inside.  
If you’re in Biotech, it’s process system integration.  If you’re in Nanotech its process tool install.  If you’re at AdvanceTEC, it’s what matters:  your process, your process systems, your process tool-set, and your process utilities that serve them.  It’s the professional integration of these critical systems that makes your cleanroom a successful. At AdvanceTEC we have been integrating and installing complex process systems since our founding.  Our 3D BIM modeling internal library enables speed and accuracy for your process integration.

Process Integration

AdvanceTEC has proven experience designing and installing a wide range of process tools and systems, including:
Biotech Integration Examples
  • Process systems & personnel, material and waste flows
  • Process skids and utility connections
  • Process utility panels
  • Process pass-thrus
  • Clean steam
  • WFI (Water for Injection) systems and distributions
  • VHP (Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • HVAC duct racks
  • Restricted Access Barriers (RAB)
  • Autoclaves and sterilization
  • Fill finish lines and packaging integration
Nanotech Process Tool Installation Examples
  • Process tool-set layout and utility run outs
  • High-purity gas cabinets & distribution
  • Ultra-Pure Water (UPW)
  • TGMS (Toxic Gas Monitoring) systems
  • UPW (Ultra-Pure Water) skids and distribution
  • MEP pipe racks
  • AWN (Acid Waste Neutralization)
  • Chemical dispense systems
  • Scrubbed exhaust and waste abatement
  • Life safety and controls
  • Gas sticks & pods
Your process is our focus.  We integrate your process into the cleanroom.  AdvanceTEC’s 3D BIM library of process systems allow us to quickly layout your process and the cleanroom serving it.  We leverage our in-house experts in Biotech, Nanotech and Cleantech to understand your process and create the best approach to achieve your cost, schedule and operational objectives. 

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