They say they can BIM – but can they LEAD with BIM?
AdvanceTEC can.  AdvanceTEC does.

Today everyone says they can 3D BIM model, model coordination, clash detection, blah blah blah – but can they really?  Do they really?  AdvanceTEC can lead with 3D BIM cleanroom design and process engineering and we do.
At AdvanceTEC, we lead with 3D BIM/VDC modeling and it takes skilled people, advanced platforms and a complete organizational commitment to leveraging 3D BIM / VDC technology across the project delivery spectrum.   Our 3D BIM / VDC modeling capabilities accelerate schedules, reduce total project costs, and drives your return on investment (ROI).  This is how AdvanceTEC’s competitive advantage of in-house 3D BIM / VDC results in a competitive advantage for you.

Experienced, In-house Experts

Our in-house, One-Team of focused design-build experts work collaboratively to design, model, coordinate all critical elements of your cleanroom design-build project.  Your sensitive project information is never outsourced. When you hire AdvanceTEC, your project is secure, redundantly backed up, and fast-tracked by the best 3D BIM / VDC modeling team in the business.  We deliver true “BIM to Build,” not colorful pictures and empty promises.

Applied 3D BIM Technology

AdvanceTEC is a “design-build” cleanroom and process integration specialty contractor.  Our 3D BIM / VDC team is comprised of industry veterans who have direct field construction experience.  From the ground up we are designing to build, coordinating to build, and integrating to build.  Our unique design-build approach combines segment expertise, experience and modeling technology to deliver exceptional results:
  • 3D BIM / VDC Standards of LOD-300 LOD-350, LOD-400, LOD-450 all performed in-house
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) with model uploads, coordination, and clash resolutions
  • Automated ISO Classification calculations for ACHr (air change rates per hour), HVAC sizing, reflected ceiling plan layout, and ductwork sizing
  • In-house model library for all major cleanroom components, systems and process equipment
  • Spooling process piping, plumbing, and duct work to streamline offsite fabrication for our mechanical partners
  • Architectural shop drawings
  • Direct model to fabrication of materials
  • Automated model to estimate costing
  • CFD (computational fluid dynamic) airflow patterning
  • Translate model BOM to field productivities and schedule durations
  • Lighting photometry calculations
  • Accurate prefabrication panel cut drawings
  • Schedule enhancement
  • Early procurement of material
Today’s cleanrooms take complete coordination of all aspects of process equipment, process utilities and process flows to deliver tomorrow’s innovations.  Leading with 3D BIM enables AdvanceTEC to deliver a competitive advantage for you. 

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