Safety is risk management.
Risk management is good business.
Safety + Risk Management = Wellness
AdvanceTEC is committed to safety in all aspects of our business, and that translates into a robust, multifaceted approach to safety, risk management and wellness.  It’s how we take care of our team, our partners and our customers.  It’s how we care.  It’s how we have each other’s back. We help each other see risks-risks to the task at hand and risks to your project.

Safety at AdvanceTEC

AdvanceTEC is fortunate to serve many of the best companies in advanced technologies and integrated construction.  Through years of investment, training and adopting top safety practices from our customers, AdvanceTEC is proud to have one of the top safety programs in the industry.  But it’s more than that—we care about our people and those working around us.  And what better way to demonstrate that care than to keep everyone on the team safe?  This culture of caring is really we where our commitment to safety at AdvanceTEC starts.
  • OSHA-1926 Comprehensive safety program
  • OSHA-500 Safety Manager with decades of cleanroom and process integration of field experience; taking safety from the classroom to the cleanroom, leading and teaching our in-house safety programs
  • OSHA-30 Construction Managers, Project Managers and Foremen
  • Daily stretch and flex programs
  • Safety audits on all jobsites
  • Safety orientation at all project locations
  • Mandatory PPE furnished to all project personnel
  • Project specific safety manual for all projects
  • JSA (Job Safety Analysis) performed daily
  • HSA (Hazzard Safety Analysis) performed per project
  • SOR (Safety Observation Reporting) on all projects
  • Toolbox talks on site
  • Safety incentive programs per project

Risk Management

When someone says “risk management,” people’s eyes often glaze over as they wait for a presentation on insurance.  At AdvanceTEC when we think about managing risk, we get excited because it aligns with what we do for our customers every day – extinguish schedule risk, technical risks and life-safety risks.  We take a tiered approach to risk management that incorporates design, supply chain, site logistics & planning, and yes, insurance.  

Our Wellness Reduces Your Risk

In order to do our best, we must be at our best.  This includes healthy habits, ample time off, and when necessary a safety net for those who stumble.  At AdvanceTEC we go past the “have to” and do the “want to” for our people and our teams.  Until COVID-19 hit, most customers did not care what our vacation and paid-time off policies were—until suddenly the saw the benefit of people being able to quarantine and stay home as needed.  Suddenly our generous PTO program wasn’t something only our employees cared about, but our customers witnessed the value of our programs as well.
  • Randomized drug testing
  • Health and wellness credits
  • Drug, alcohol, and emotional counseling
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) bank and usage management
  • Smoking cessation program

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