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It’s where high-tech solutions are backed by integrity, ethics and commitment.

At AdvanceTEC we embrace the critical function that we provide you and our role in helping you serve your customers.  Our in-house “Cleanroom IP” and innovative project execution approach reduces risk, increases value and drives performance.  We begin each project with safety, finish with quality, and back our work with warranty and customer service.

Turn-Key Design Build

From Concept to Commissioning, Kick-off to Certification, We’re with You

Turn-Key Design Build responsibility for your cleanroom or process integration investment is where AdvanceTEC stands well above the competition – designing to your budget, programming to your schedule and aligning with your goals.  Our fully integrated engineering design, 3D BIM / VDC modeling, and clean build construction is enabled by our in-house “Cleanroom IP.”  We create the ideal environment for your process, your technology, your research – with all aspects working together to feed your success.  When quality, performance, schedule and cost are equally important, AdvanceTEC’s turn-key design build service is your answer.

Open Market, Zero Compromises

“Customer” Centric, “Project” Centric – not “Product” Centric

AdvanceTEC’s “Open Market, Zero Compromises” offering is a customer centric approach that never pushes a product or a one size fits all agenda.  We are industry experts, not product vendors – which is great for you.  AdvanceTEC has experience with and access to the latest innovations and broadest selection of systems from across the industry.  In fact, our in-house expertise and segment knowledge allows us to provide solutions that integrate multiple OEM systems into one seamlessly delivered project, providing best-of-breed choices at the best cost.  Why let some product vendor push an agenda and dictate the critical elements of your strategic cleanroom investment? Not at AdvanceTEC.  With us, you are the customer.  We provide options and you make informed decisions.  

“BIM to Build” VDC Based Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Collaboration. Coordination. Construction.

AdvanceTEC’s 3D BIM / VDC delivers integrated fast-track cleanroom projects on a high collaboration, low risk basis to the most pressing requirements.  Our purpose-built modeling is embedded with calculations, costs and productivities specific to our specialized offering.  This automation provides you with answers, solutions and project plans faster than anyone in the market.  “BIM to Build” IPD helps you plan, fund and schedule your project with confidence.  Want to take a VR (virtual reality) tour of your cleanroom and process equipment layout during the design-phase?  With AdvanceTEC, just put our goggles on and step inside.  AdvanceTEC’s BIM is loaded with information and allows us to go directly to design to fabrication for ductwork, process piping, architectural systems and more – with no delay or added cost.  Our use of the latest technology coupled with our AdvanceTEC “A-Team” of top-notch employees is what keeps us one step ahead.

AdvanceTEC:  Where High-performance Serves High-tech Customers

High-tech Execution for High-performance Projects

Cleanrooms are performance driven environments that are engineered, designed, 3D modeled and built to do one thing – serve your process and production requirements.  Let’s face it, if you didn’t need to build a cleanroom, you wouldn’t.  That’s where we come in.  AdvanceTEC’s technology driven solutions streamlines the process, informs the team, and delivers on commitments.
AdvanceTEC leads the industry in technology enabled services to help you achieve your business objectives:
  • VR (Virtual Reality) 3D model project reviews and AR (Augmented Reality) reviews
  • Secured cloud-based PMS (Project Management System) with 3X redundancy and direct customer access
  • Off-site fabrication and modular / module integration on-site
  • iPad field access to models, schedule, submittals, and drawings—real time, all the time
  • Digital scanned field conductions point clouds to BIM modeling
  • Total station field measurement layout
  • 3D Printed mock-ups
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) airflow patterning
  • OSHA-500 Safety Professionals, OSHA-30 Field Teams with automated tracking

We’re Ready…
Are You?

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