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Government Cleanrooms

Government labs and advanced research centers serve a vital need for our country and future of scientific advancements.  AdvanceTEC is the market leader in cleanroom and advanced labs serving leading government installations.  We are proud of the important role we have played in serving government organizations for decades, and are committed to doing what it takes to execute successful projects for our government labs and advanced research centers.  

The “AdvanceTEC Difference”

Government Research Expertise In-House
AdvanceTEC brings the in-house expertise in Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, and Cleantech for cleanrooms, process equipment installation, process utility upgraded, retrofits, or installations to ensure the success of your government research center.   Leverage our industry expertise and safety culture to provide your facility what it needs to remain on the leading edge of science.
Turn-Key Government Cleanrooms Design Build Expertise
Certainty of cost, schedule and logistics is always important, but especially with our government clients.  There is no asking for more money in the fiscal budget.  With AdvanceTEC’s Turn-Key Design Build we take single point responsibility for cost, schedule, performance and process integration.  When you have to be certain, it has to be AdvanceTEC’s Turn-Key Design Build.
Process Tool Installation & Integration
Your research is enabled by your unique cutting-edge process – and your process is our passion.  We focus on your process, not just the cleanroom architecture, with process tool-set installations, process system upgrades, and mission critical infrastructure such as ultra-pure water (UPW) upgrades, toxic gas monitoring systems (TGMS), chemical dispense projects, to acid waste neutralization (AWN) systems.
Cleanrooms, Labs, Renovations
From trace metals labs to atomic force microscope quiet labs to cleanroom fabs, AdvanceTEC can help you reach your objective.  We know the challenges – life safety, code compliance, quality, stability, ISO Classifications – and our expertise and resource team scales to fit your budget, your schedule and your needs.

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Technology is advancing at eye popping speeds – cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous cars – all demanding smarter, faster, more efficient and more reliable devices.

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