AdvanceTEC’s Innovation Center, located in Clayton, NC

AdvanceTEC Innovation Center
AdvanceTEC’s Innovation Center, located in Clayton, North Carolina, is a pioneering hub for cleanroom and process prefabrication and modularization advancements. Their expertise lies in offsite fabrication and cleanroom architectural modularization. The center's state-of-the-art facilities and skilled team enable them to deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients across North America, with solutions catering to biotech, nanotech, and cleantech applications. 

Cleanroom multi-discilipline fabrication is a core competency of the AdvanceTEC Innovation Center. They employ advanced manufacturing techniques and industry-leading standards to construct high precision solutions.   Through offsite fabrication, they streamline the overall construction process, enhancing efficiency, safety, site logistics and quality. This approach minimizes on-site disruptions and allows for a more precise and timely cleanroom installation. 

AdvanceTEC Innovation Center has emerged the most advanced cleanroom prefabrication and modularization operation in the industry. Their commitment to excellence, along with their emphasis on offsite fabrication and interstitial modules for cleanroom prefabrication, sets them apart in the industry. By harnessing the latest advancements in construction technology, they deliver innovative and sustainable cleanroom environments to clients, meeting their unique requirements with precision and efficiency.

AdvanceTEC, LLC Innovation Center
3926 US – 70 Bus.
Clayton, NC 27520
AdvanceTEC Unveils New Innovation Center at Open House in Clayton, NC

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