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Gene therapy, pharmaceuticals, CAR-T, vaccines, compounding pharmacies, personalized medicine – these are your innovations, and our skilled cleanroom expertise.  AdvanceTEC’s team of segment experts is helping companies across the spectrum to innovate, collaborate, and bring to market lifesaving advancements in health science with cGMP cleanrooms and validated systems that enable your remedies for our world.

The “AdvanceTEC Difference”

Segment Expertise In-House
AdvanceTEC brings the in-house expertise to ensure the success of your project: FDA guidelines, EU guidelines, BSL requirements, bag-in bag-out filtration, glass walls, filling lines, downflow booths, cold boxes, quarantine areas, WFI water, modular off-site and on-site integration, glass walls, walkable ceilings, single use strategies.  
“Open Market, Zero Compromises”
Why should a cleanroom vendor dictate how your project or process is going to go?  They shouldn’t, and we don’t!   AdvanceTEC’s Open Market, Zero Compromises means you, THE CUSTOMER gets choices and options, and you make informed decisions.  This customer centric approach provides you best-in-class outcomes for your budget, your schedule, your performance and your aesthetics.  You make the decisions and AdvanceTEC makes it happen.
BIM to Build 3D / VDC Leadership
Concept kicks-off our 3D BIM / VDC process and carries straight through to our commissioning and TOP (Turn-Over Package) for you.  Estimating, coordination, scheduling, VR (Virtual Realty) model tours – at AdvanceTEC our 3D BIM leadership expedites your project from concept to commissioning.
Turn-Key Biotech Cleanrooms - Design Build Expertise
How much money have you lost in the past with finger pointing on a project?  With AdvanceTEC’s Turn-Key 3D BIM to Build we take single point responsibility for cost, schedule, and total performance.  When you have to be certain, it has to be AdvanceTEC’s Turn-Key BIM to Build. 
Off-Site Fabrication, On-Site Integration
JIT Integration of architectural, MEP racks, process utility skids, full structural modules – Chances are if you want it, we’ve done it before.  Our smart modular approach gives you options to drive schedule, maximize quality and reduce risk without breaking the bank or waiting in line.
Clinical Trails, GMP Labs, CRO, CMO, High Volume Production
From venture backed start-ups to publicly traded global biotech leaders, AdvanceTEC can help you reach your objectives, whether it’s a new build, upgrades, repurpose, expansions or renovations.

Valued Customers 

Our Experience

AdvanceTEC has a proven track record of addressing project schedule, mechanical systems and modular system integration requirements for leading edge Biotech and Pharmaceutical cleanrooms.


Cleanroom Features
  • Modular Off-Site Fabrication / On-Site Integration
  • cGMP cleanroom architectural finishes
  • Walkable ceiling systems
  • Glass walls
  • LED Walk-on light systems
  • Process utility panels and skid integration
  • Panelized ceilings
  • Plenum module and flush grid systems
  • Resinous flooring systems
  • Door finishes, operators and hardware
  • WFI water systems
  • MALs, PALs and Air locks
  • Restricted access barrier (RAB)
  • Down flow booths
  • Bag-in / bag-out filtration
Facility Types
  • Gene therapy
  • Vaccine research and production
  • CAR-T Cancer
  • Clinical trial
  • BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3
  • Single-use “Disposable” processes
  • Fill finish
  • Cell culture suites
  • R&D applications labs
  • Modular laboratories
  • Fill finish lines
  • Cell culture suites
  • Clean storage
  • Modular support rooms

Cleanliness Classifications

ISO Standard 14446
  • ISO 4
  • ISO 5
  • ISO 6
  • ISO 7
  • ISO 8
European Standard
  • Grade A
  • Grade B
  • Grade C
  • Grade D
  • Controlled Non-Classified (CNC)
Biosafety Levels
  • BSL 1
  • BSL 2
  • BSL 3
Federal Standard 209e
  • Class 10
  • Class 100
  • Class 1,000
  • Class 10,000
  • Class 100,000

Let's Get Started

What does your process require?
ISO Classification, environmental performance (temperature, humidity, vibration)? What else is important to your process and future success?
What are your required process utilities?
Gases, ultra-pure water, exhaust (general, corrosive, solvent), process power, process waste abatement?
What base utilities & capacities do you have available?
Electric, chilled water, hot water, steam, or none of the above?
What is your schedule?
When do you have to get your budget in place?  When do you need to get started?
What is your budget?
Need help budgeting right now?  Why have some “designer” or consultant design something you can’t afford?

Cleanroom IP

AdvanceTEC is the industry leading design & build cleanroom and process integration provider where experts with decades of segment experience apply the latest digital tools and technologies to deliver outstanding outcomes for customers. 

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