Leading-edge Tools for Cleanroom Design and Engineering

Slide rules, drawing tables, hammers, nails and rivets: these are the tools of the past that worked.  They built the Golden Gate Bridge and put a man on the Moon using them.  But times have changed.  Today its digital scanners, models embedded with meta data, laser field layout tied to point clouds, Virtual Reality, 3D printing, field automation, 24x7 cloud-based platforms, and virtual collaboration.

Investing in Technology

AdvanceTEC’s investments in technology, training and teaming provides our clients with faster cleanroom projects, with reduced risk, and total performance.  Our team digitally scans your building site to measure, visually document, and expedite 3D BIM design and coordination.  Point clouds from scanning become coordinates in 3D BIM / VDC models, which become laser monuments in your high-tech buildings.  Embedded data and in-house library of cleanroom systems and process equipment enables and expedites design process that delivers rapid, accurate results, which means better business for you.
No longer is it about doing more with less.  It’s about doing more with more.  More information.  More collaboration.  More coordination.  More upside for you.  

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Technology is advancing at eye popping speeds – cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous cars – all demanding smarter, faster, more efficient and more reliable devices.

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