What is AdvanceTEC “Cleanroom IP”?

Put simply, Cleanroom IP (Intellectual Property) is how AdvanceTEC integrates our experience and our technology to deliver accurate high-quality solutions faster, accommodate project changes in real-time, and provide customers with better, faster, cleaner projects.  Cleanroom IP is AdvanceTEC harnessing the power of the latest digital tools and embedding internal platforms with over 30 years of cleanroom and mission critical process utility calculations, algorithms, standards, and best practices to automate, accelerate, and put them into action for your strategic cleanroom investments.  

Our Cleanroom IP leverages our longstanding commitment to technology to fast-track your cleanroom or process integration investment.  We deliver rock solid calculations, proven methodologies, and clean build integration that enhances your time to market and maximizes your return on investment.  
Cleanroom IP allows us to provide:
  • Actionable calculations, cost, and schedule at concept stage
  • Reduced capital costs without reduced performance
  • Efficient energy cost and operational savings
  • Compliance without compromise  
This is Cleanroom IP at AdvanceTEC – leveraging experience with technology to deliver certainty of cost, schedule and total performance for your project.  

Why Cleanroom IP Matters to You?

You’re building a cleanroom because you have to, not because you want to.  Cleanrooms are often the most expensive and complex square footage of any building they occupy.  If you are building a cleanroom, Cleanroom IP is critical to your success.  
So ask yourself:
  • Does time to market matter to your market share?
  • Does return on investment (ROI) matter to you your bottom line?
  • Does cost, schedule and performance matter to you?
  • Does commissioning, ISO certification and validation turnover matter to you?
If you answered YES to any of those questions, then AdvanceTEC’s Cleanroom IP matters to you.

Whether you are bringing a lifesaving therapy to patients, launching a next gen chip to market, delivering a revolutionary nanoscale material to the world, or boldly surpassing your competition - time to market matters.  Return on investment (ROI) matters.  AdvanceTEC’s Cleanroom IP is what makes your cleanroom and process investment a winner.
Allow AdvanceTEC’s Cleanroom IP to deliver a competitive advantage for you!

How does AdvanceTEC do Cleanroom IP?

It starts with the technology.  Most people don’t know it, but the “T” in AdvanceTEC stands for Technology (E for Engineering, and C for Construction).  Delivering efficiency through technology has been a key ingredient to our offerings since our founding.  Our unwavering commitment to technology, efficiency and enabling our employees to operate at their best is delivering big time for our customers.   
Our advanced 3D BIM / VDC program at AdvanceTEC transcends all aspects of our service to you—from estimates, to design, to coordination, to procurement, to integration, from digital scanned point clouds in an empty building to field construction teams with 3D models on their iPads.
Our 3D BIM models are embedded with calculations that provide:
  • Automated calculations for HVAC, filtration and exhaust strategies, and reflected ceiling plans by ISO, BSL, or EU classifications
  • Model-based project cost and bill of material by system type
  • Concept level estimates backed up by 3D BIM / VDC model data
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeled airflows  
  • Field productivity data embedded in 3D BIM model and schedule durations
  • Material fabrication and spooling direct from 3D BIM model
  • Energy calculations by HVAC air delivery system approach
  • Light photometry calculations customized to room geometries, light type and requirements  
  • VR (Virtual Reality) cleanroom 3D model tours
  • Real-time, all the time cloud PMS Platform
  • Laser field layout tied to point clouds and model coordinates to field monuments

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