Cannabis, Tissue, Stem Cell, Medical Device & New Science Cleanrooms

Technology is evolving at an amazing speed.  Every industry, sector, business, and business model has been challenged, impacted, revitalized, or enabled by technology.  The question is does technology play a role in your business, but rather how can you harness technology for your business to bring great remedies, solutions, and alternatives to the world.

AdvanceTEC applies our expertise in cleanroom integration to a broad array of industries and technologies today, designing and building cleanrooms to your specific process and needs. Many of the cleanroom applications listed below have requirements for cost, schedule, total performance that parallel what we see in our core biotech and nanotech markets.  If you are looking to build a new facility or are planning on upgrading an older one, see how you can use AdvanceTEC’s capabilities on your next project.

Cannabis Cleanrooms

Cannabis is no longer a dirty word.  In fact, in various medical and disease research communities the controlled use of THC medical marijuana is showing impressive results suppressing muscle spasticity, spams, bladder dysfunction, chronic pain, chemotherapy induced pain & nausea, and symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.  Applications ranging from chronic pain management, chemotherapy treatments, seizures from epilepsy are only just the beginning.  Cannabis today is being grown in highly controlled grow rooms, where the process from seed to product is using GMP cleanroom manufacturing and process validation techniques once reserved for only pharmaceutical and biotechnology cleanroom users.  AdvanceTEC’s experience in these areas can provide a significant advantage to your next project.

Tissue Bank Cleanrooms

Organ donorship continue to grow in population year after year.  Applications for vital organ transplants like heart, kidney, liver; soft tissue donor and usage for retina, ligament and the like; and even the refinement of donated bone is in high demand and usage.  AdvanceTEC’s experience and leadership in biotechnology and pharmaceutical cleanrooms can benefit your tissue bank cleanroom project.

Stem Cell Cleanrooms  

The use of human stem cells is showing promise for cures thought to be unreachable just a few years ago. Regenerative medicine, advanced therapies, cell gene and cellular IO (immune-oncology), cell and gene therapy, cord blood, cell-based therapy, and cell manufacturing are now all converging to create scientific breakthroughs. See how AdvanceTEC’s leadership in gene therapy cleanrooms, biotech cleanrooms, and GMP labs can help you achieve your objectives.

Medical Device Cleanrooms

Implantable medical devices – think hips, knees, pacemakers and so on – are mission critical products that require mission critical performance.  Precision, reliability, cleanliness and sterile packaging prior to shipment are attributes required for today’s medical device cleanroom applications.  AdvanceTEC’s Cleanroom Integration can be put to work for you to achieve your total performance requirements.  

Nutraceuticals Cleanrooms    

Over the years, nutraceuticals have attracted considerable interest due to their nutritional, safety, and therapeutic effects.  Often referred to as phytochemicals, or functional foods, they are natural, bioactive chemical compounds that have health-promoting, disease-preventing or medicinal properties.  These products have been used to treat and prevent a variety of diseases that range from oxidative stress, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s.  Every product has a different set of manufacturing challenges, based on ingredients, material sources and final form.  Creating an isolated environment can help alleviate these risks helping you bring the best product to market.  See how AdvanceTEC can bring our experience to bear on your next critical project.

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