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Cleanrooms for Emerging Applications

Technology is emerging, evolving, and disrupting everything around us. AdvanceTEC works with clients who have a great idea, brilliant people and a solid business plan, but are unsure what their technology needs for a clean, stable, repeatable process. What codes impact us? How much will it cost? How long will it take? How can we scale when things really take off? AdvanceTEC is uniquely prepared to help answer these questions and get you from the drawing board to the big board. Through our broad experience, practical approach, knowledge of codes and regulatory requirements, and leadership team with over 25 years of experience, we support the cleanroom requirements of emerging technologies now. As for the future, we may not know what comes next but we do know AdvanceTEC will be there to help you make it happen.


  • Comprehensive in-house expertise, knowledgeable across a broad range of markets, industries and applications – and the ability to bring that experience to your project
  • Extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements and their application in cleanroom operations (FDA, OSHA, IBC, etc.)
  • Ability to provide the right level of support, whether you have significant cleanroom expertise or if this is your first project
  • Flexible project scope and resource deployment, from turn-key design/build, to plan/spec construction only, to design-assist project deliveries

Whether you are retrofitting a current line to support advanced new processes, launching a breakthrough new product or disruptive technology, or getting ready to meet impending regulatory requirements, AdvanceTEC’s vast experience can help you save time, save money, and have the right facility to serve your business objectives.

The AdvanceTEC Difference
• Building evaluations for suitability and base utilities
• Process flow and spatial planning for future expandability
• Turn-key design/build cleanroom schedule and budget control


Our Approach . . . Designing from the Inside Out

AdvanceTEC’s approach to cleanroom design and construction for emerging applications starts with focusing on your requirements for successful operation of your new cleanroom. By starting with your requirements, we are best able to provide you with the maximum benefit of our vast experiences. While the cleanroom challenges may be new to you, chances are that AdvanceTEC has seen and solved similar challenges for other clients in the past.

Our Experience

AdvanceTEC’s experience spans Nanotech, Semiconductor, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and other precision industries and applications. We have worked with emerging companies and large technology corporations, government entities and leading universities. This foundation is the experience we will draw on to deliver your project success.

Our experience enables us to provide value across a wide range of emerging applications, engaging with clients on projects including:

  • Solar power – for advanced technology applications to support increasing efficiency for PV solar cells
  • Fossil fuel exploration – for applications to improve the effectiveness of exploration activities and efficiency of current energy sources
  • Battery production – for facilities to support the production of advanced lithium ion batteries
  • Retrofit and new construction – supporting emerging applications with the design and construction of new facilities from the ground up, as well as the retrofit of existing production lines with increased or entirely new cleanliness requirements 

Cleanliness Classifications

Federal Standard 209e
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ISO Standard 14446
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European Standard
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Biosafety Levels
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Class 10
Class 100
Class 1,000
Class 10,000
Class 100,000 
ISO 8 
Grade A
Grade B
Grade C
Grade D
Controlled Non-Classified

Our Clients and Projects

AdvanceTEC is proud of the role we have played in supporting emerging applications. Below is a partial list of our leading clients; our complete project resume is available upon request.

Air Energy Systems Eastman Chemical* Hemlock Semiconductor*
Jefferson Laboratories National Cancer Institute (NCI) National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Semprius, Inc. US Department of Energy (DOE)

*Multi-project client

To learn more about our complete project resume, please click here.

Turn-key cleanroom design/build construction, and process tool installation & integration

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