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Nanotech & Semiconductor Cleanrooms

AdvanceTEC is a leader in cleanroom design and cleanroom construction, serving Nanotech and Semiconductor applications. Our comprehensive, in house engineering, design and construction management staff possesses broad cleanroom experience in mechanical, architectural and process utility systems. The strength of our team allows us to deploy the right resources to your project, providing rapid, efficient and cost effective execution.


  • In house staff understands the various challenges from research & development facilities, to applications labs, to pilot lines, to volume production fabs
  • Design/build approach brings proven expertise to your project, deployed with the speed and precision that matches your scope, scale and budget
  • Flexible project scope and resource deployment, from turn-key design/build to plan/spec construction only scopes of work, to “design-assist” project deliveries
  • Knowledge to recommend the optimal approach, design and execution that aligns with your project objectives
  • Process tool fit-up and hook-up capabilities, including rigging/setting and installation of your most sophisticated process tools.

Whether you require a 1,000 square foot Class 100 cleanroom or a fully functional volume production fab, AdvanceTEC can address your critical requirements for contamination control, code compliance, and process tool fit-up & installation.

Our Approach

AdvanceTEC provides comprehensive cleanroom design and cleanroom construction capabilities to serve Nanotech and Semiconductor clients. We understand the technical challenges of these facilities, and deploy the capabilities required to ensure your success. 

Requirements Gathering Design and Engineering Construction Management
  • Process utility studies
  • Code compliance evaluations
  • Chemical and gas storage and distribution plans
  • HVAC, mechanical and exhaust systems
  • Estimating, budgeting and schedule development
  • Process tool infrastructure and services integration
  • Conceptual design, programming and layout
  • Design for constructability and maintainability
  • Budget creation and schedule optimization
  • Experienced, salaried Project and Construction Management
  • Clean Build Protocol construction
  • Commissioning, certification and training
  • Process tool fit-up and hook-up
  • Site safety

Our Experience

AdvanceTEC has a proven track record of addressing diverse mechanical, architectural and process utility requirements of leading edge Nanotech and Semiconductor cleanrooms. 


Design Approach Facility Types
  • Bay & chase vs. ballroom
  • Fan Filter Unit (FFU) vs. Terminal HEPA
  • Plenum module, flush grid, rod hung T-grid ceilings 
  • Raised access floors vs. other flooring systems
  • RO/DI water systems
  • HPM evaluation, design and management
  • Scrubbed exhaust systems
  • Toxic gas monitoring and life safety
  • Subfabs, chemical bunkers and distribution centersy
  • R&D applications labs
  • Trace metals cleanrooms
  • Pilot lines
  • High volume wafer fabs
  • Test floors and final packaging
  • MOCVD labs
  • TEM/SEM rooms
  • Quiet Labs
  • Radiant Cooled Labs

Cleanliness Classifications

Federal Standard 209e
more information
ISO Standard 14446
more information
Class 10
Class 100
Class 1,000
Class 10,000
Class 100,000

Our Clients and Projects

AdvanceTEC is proud of the Nanotechnology and Microelectronics clients that we have served and the projects we have delivered. Below is a partial list of our leading clients; our complete project resume is available upon request.

Advanced Energy Systems* Air Liquide AZ Electronic Materials*
Brewer Scientific* Brookhaven National Laboratories* Covega
Dow Corning* Honeywell Infenera
Intersil Corporation NanoOpto* NASA*
Naval Research Labs* Nitronex Corporation* Northrop Grumman
Quantum Photonics RF Micro Devices SemiSouth Laboratories
Semprius, Inc. Siemens Triquint Semiconductor*

*Multi-project client

To learn more about our complete project resume, please click here

Turn-key cleanroom design/build construction, and process tool installation & integration

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