Nanotech Cleanroom Experience

AdvanceTEC is the market leader of turn-key design build cleanrooms for nanotechnology and semiconductor device fabrication “fabs.”  Our advanced 3D BIM / VDC modeling, high purity process integration, and fast-track clean build methodologies have been leveraged by leading tech companies ranging from venture capital backed start-ups to global technology leaders.  
Our skillset serves customers well across projects ranging from pilot lines, high volume fabs, or foundry applications—regardless of wafer size or if your process is CMOS, GaAs, GaN, or other advanced composite materials.  We’ve delivered Class 10 / ISO 4 photo bays, Class 100 / ISO 5 deposition areas, Class 1,000 / ISO 6 metrology & metals cleanroom areas, and more to our customers.  AdvanceTEC has segment expertise in-house to handle your most pressing technology and project challenges.

Typical Cleanroom Considerations

Although each cleanroom and process have specific requirements and challenges, below are common cleanroom considerations for device fabrication fabs:  
Cleanroom Fab Design Considerations
  • Bay & chase cleanroom design configuration
  • Ballroom and RAF (raised access floor) cleanroom design and configuration
  • FFU (Fan Filter Unit) air delivery and plenum ceiling
  • Plenum modules 100% filter coverage with flush grid and integrated lighting and sprinkler
  • Mini-environments
  • Tool-set layout and process utility generation and distribution
  • Trace metals or metals free cleanrooms
  • EMI shielded rooms and service utilities
  • Vibration free zones
  • Static control
  • Light and sound abatement
  • Radiant cooled areas with ultra-low air velocities
Fabrication Cleanroom Systems Experience
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS) / Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • High-purity gas cabinets, distribution panels and ventilated enclosures, and gas bunkers
  • High purity piping and tubing systems
  • Ultra-Pure Water (UPW) skids and distribution loops
  • Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems (TGMS)
  • Scrubbed exhaust systems
  • Chemical dispense systems
  • Environmental and particle monitoring systems

Common Nanotech Cleanroom Specifications

Specification for device fabrication cleanrooms vary based on process type, line width, and wafer size requirements.  Core specifications include ISO Classifications and ACR (air change rates).
  • Fab cleanrooms requirements can range from ISO 4 (Class 10) to ISO 6 (Class 1000) cleanrooms
  • Certain operations may have an ISO 7 (Class 10,000) or ISO 8 (Class 100,000) background, but all considerations are handled on a project by project basis
  • Air change rates per hour vary by ISO classification:
ISO Classification
  • ISO 4 – (Class 10) – 300-540 ACPH
  • ISO 5 – (Class 100) – 240-480 ACPH
  • ISO 6 – (Class 1,000) – 150-240 ACPH
  • ISO 7 – (Class 10,000) – 60-90  ACPH
  • ISO 8 – (Class 100,000) – 5-48 ACPH

Cleanroom IP

AdvanceTEC is the industry leading design & build cleanroom and process integration provider where experts with decades of segment experience apply the latest digital tools and technologies to deliver outstanding outcomes for customers. 

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