Advanced Laboratory Experience

AdvanceTEC is highly skilled in providing fully integrated design-build labs for supporting the most advanced forms of research, development and in-line QA/QC support of production.  Our 3D BIM / VDC modeling with virtual reality (VR) BIM tours is especially helpful for lab layout of personnel and process flow to identify features and paths of access and egress.  AdvanceTEC’s HVAC engineering and design capabilities brings tremendous value in the forms of energy management, air flow patterning and effectively addressing both personnel and process protections.  

AdvanceTEC Segment Expertise

Our segment expertise includes:
  • Clean labs
  • QA/QC labs
  • Metrology labs
  • Wet chemistry labs
  • Quiet labs
  • Trace metals labs
  • GMP labs

Advanced Laboratory Considerations

While every laboratory has its own specific processes, requirements, and challenges below are common advanced laboratory considerations that AdvanceTEC is skilled at addressing;  
Advanced Laboratory Considerations
  • Personnel protection and life-safety
  • HVAC and exhaust systems energy management
  • Fume hoods
  • Downflow booths
  • ISO Classifications
  • HEPA, ULPA and AMC Filtration
  • Airflow modeling and patterning
  • UPW (Ultra-Pure Water) Systems
  • High-purity spec gas cabinets and distribution systems
  • O2 Oxygen sensors
  • Trace metals / metals free environments
  • Environmental stability and monitoring  
  • Proper training, safety, and maintenance of technical staff
  • Pressure cascades and airflow patterning
  • BMS (Building Management Systems) controls and alarms
  • Utility distribution and access

Typical Advanced Lab Specifications

Labs are customized and tailored to the application and usage of the team performing within them.  Typical processes are performed in an ISO 5 (Class 100) environment with an ISO 7 (Class 10,000) background.  

Air change rates per hour vary by ISO classification:
ISO Classification
  • ISO 4 – (Class 10) – 300-540 ACPH
  • ISO 5 – (Class 100) – 240-480 ACPH
  • ISO 6 – (Class 1,000) – 150-240 ACPH
  • ISO 7 – (Class 10,000) – 60-90  ACPH
  • ISO 8 – (Class 100,000) – 5-48 ACPH

Cleanroom IP

AdvanceTEC is the industry leading design & build cleanroom and process integration provider where experts with decades of segment experience apply the latest digital tools and technologies to deliver outstanding outcomes for customers. 

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