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University Cleanrooms

AdvanceTEC is a leader in cleanroom design and cleanroom construction for university clients. We realize that performing cleanroom projects on university campuses requires more than just understanding the technologies involved. It requires a unique approach, working as a part of a team with faculty, research partners, A/E firms, construction managers and general contractors. We know how to operate safely on an active campus, and understand what it takes to deliver successful university cleanroom projects to your requirements and budget.


Whether designing and constructing a nanotechnology fab, a nano/bio cleanroom, or a BSL3 facility, AdvanceTEC understands what it takes to execute a successful project on an active university campus.

Our Approach

AdvanceTEC provides comprehensive cleanroom design and cleanroom construction capabilities to serve university clients. We understand the unique challenges faced constructing on university campuses, and deploy the technologies required to ensure project success.

Requirements Gathering Design and Engineering Construction Management
  • Hazardous gas and chemical usage analysis
  • Code compliance evaluations
  • Process utility studies
  • HVAC, mechanical and exhaust systems
  • Estimating, budgeting and schedule development
  • Faculty and student egress analysis
  • Process tool infrastructure and services integration
  • Conceptual design, programming and layout
  • Design for constructability
  • Budget creation and schedule optimization
  • Experienced, salaried construction management
  • Clean build protocol
  • Commissioning, certification and training
  • Process tool fit-up and hook-up
  • Safety

Our Experience

AdvanceTEC has proven track record of retrofitting cleanrooms into existing buildings, as well as renovation/expansion of current facilities on active university campuses.


Design Approach Facility Types
  • Bay & chase vs. ballroom
  • Fan Filter Unit (FFU) vs. Terminal HEPA
  • Plenum module, flush grid, rod hung T-grid ceilings 
  • Raised access floors vs. other flooring options
  • RO/DI water systems
  • HPM evaluation, design and management
  • Scrubbed exhaust systems
  • Toxic gas monitoring and life safety
  • Subfabs, chemical bunkers and distribution
  • Nanotechnology cleanrooms
  • Biotechnology cleanrooms
  • Nano/bio cleanrooms
  • Advanced chemistry labs
  • Trace metals labs

Cleanliness Classifications

Federal Standard 209e
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ISO Standard 14446
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Biosafety Levels
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Class 10
Class 100
Class 1,000
Class 10,000
Class 100,000 
ISO 8 

Our University Clients and Projects

AdvanceTEC is proud of the University clients that we have served and the projects we have delivered. Below is a partial list of our leading clients; our complete project resume is available upon request.

City University of New York Duke University* George Washington University
Georgia Institute of Technology Howard University Norfolk State University*
Northwestern University* Purdue University Penn State University
Rutgers University St. Cloud State University Temple University
University of Alabama University of Florida University of Maryland*
University of North Carolina University of Oklahoma University of Pennsylvania
University of South Florida University of Waterloo Wayne State University

*Multi-project client

To learn more about our complete project resume, please click here

Turn-key cleanroom design/build construction, and process tool installation & integration

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