Gene taylor
Director of integration

Gene Taylor

Director of Integration
Gene Taylor joined AdvanceTEC in 2012 and was quickly promoted to engineering and design manager. In his current role as director of integration, he is responsible for engineering, design, 3D BIM / VDC modeling and coordination for project constructability.  Taylor has spearheaded implementation of AdvanceTEC’s 3D modeling efforts, and the recent development of VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and 3D printing. His team provides on-site QA/QC field compliance inspections as well as real-time field to BIM solutions to challenges that arise. Taylor also leads the company’s internal engineering & design team, driving continuous quality, schedule and technology implementation.

Taylor has over 20 years of experience leading engineering and design activities in support of multimillion dollar projects across a variety of advanced industries, most notably large scale 300mm semiconductor production facilities. His skillset is a unique mix ideally suited for AdvanceTEC’s design build project delivery having worked for Infineon (later Qimonda), as well as the Colonial Webb division of national leading mechanical contractor Comfort Systems USA.

Gene holds a degree in design from Chesterfield Technical Center and is a student of continued education and cutting-edge industry relevant technologies.

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