AdvanceTEC’s Innovation Center Hits Pivotal Inflection Point with Integrated End-to-End Prefabrication Deliveries

AdvanceTEC leading the market with continue investment solutions.

Clayton, NC [April 11th, 2024] – AdvanceTEC, the industry leader in cleanroom design, construction, and mission-critical process integration, proudly announces a significant milestone: the achievement of integrating “End-to-End Prefabrication." This milestone was reached through substantial investment in their state-of-the-art Innovation Center, marking a significant step forward in the realm of technological industry advancement. With a steadfast commitment to technology, training, the development of its personnel, and continuous improvement, AdvanceTEC stands at the forefront of cleanroom innovation.

The company's latest advancements in Building Information Modeling (BIM) / Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)technology, along with leading-edge digital scanning, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced cloud-based workflows, are revolutionizing the process of delivering prefabrication and modularization services. This systematic process spans the entire spectrum of cleanroom project execution, starting from the initial design concept and moving fluidly through fabrication at the Innovation Center, followed by AdvanceTEC’s logistics and sequenced on-site installation.

Bryan Phelan, Managing Partner and Director of Customers at AdvanceTEC, provides insight into this strategic shift.   "Since our inception 25 Years ago, AdvanceTEC has been at the forefront of the cleanroom industry, offering unparalleled engineering, technology, and execution methods that enable our customers’ business plans.   Following years of intensive investment in technology and our offsite prefabrication and modularization capabilities at our Innovation Center, we are now seeing the fruits of our labor. Currently, we are driving upwards of a dozen leading biotech projects with advanced off-site prefabrication and integrated real-time logistics. Since our Innovation Center became operational last July, our services have expanded to include integrated MEP and process into our shipments —all while ensuring our clients have real-time transparency from the beginning of their project to its successful completion."

AdvanceTEC’s Innovation Center has been scaled to serve projects throughout the United States.

This unparalleled fabrication expertise provides clients with significant project efficiencies and improvements that reduce total project cost and duration.       Commitment to total performance is witnessed by clients with ISO-4 Class 100 to ISO-7 Class 10,000 to CNC (controlled non-classified) spaces across a spectrum of applications.  

We cordially invite industry professionals, pioneering technology firms, and stakeholders in the Biotech, Nanotech, and Cleantech sectors to witness the dawn of a new era in cleanroom optimization—a paradigm shift powered by AdvanceTEC's unparalleled expertise in prefabrication and modularization.

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AdvanceTEC is the recognized authority in cleanroom design, prefabrication, construction, and mission-critical process integration, serving customers across the Biotech, Nanotech, and cleantech industries. Established in 2000, AdvanceTEC has collaborated with leading technology companies, construction managers, and architectural engineering firms to construct sophisticated cleanrooms that enable tomorrow's breakthrough technologies. With a relentless commitment to excellence and performance, AdvanceTEC is dedicated to delivering projects with schedule certainty and cost assurance, always striving for complete client satisfaction.

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