AdvanceTEC Announces Innovation Center for Prefabrication and Modularization

AdvanceTEC Revolutionizes Cleanroom Industry with advanced Off-site Prefabrication and Modularization Announces “Innovation Center”

AdvanceTEC, the technology leader in cleanroom design, construction, and process integration, is pushing the boundaries of innovation by opening its off-site prefabrication and modularization “Innovation Center.” Leveraging cutting-edge technology and advanced fabrication processes, AdvanceTEC is transforming all aspects of how cleanrooms are designed, modeled, fabricated, and installed on-site.

Critical advantages that AdvanceTEC is bringing to its clients are expedited schedules, reduced craft hours on-site, and highly sequenced site execution & logistics, all leading to improved safety, higher quality, and faster schedules—ultimately providing improved cost & time to market to its clients.

Initiated in the early VDC/BIM modeling stages and carried through procurement, pre-con planning, off-site prefabrication, and deliveries to projects per TAKT planned schedules to enable the concurrent performance of AdvanceTEC and the broader project team.    Reducing the density and demand on local skilled labor resources via the Innovation

Center is a business catalyst becoming increasingly important to customers.  

“In the world of fabrication, innovation, and precision, AdvanceTEC is building the future. Our Innovation Center will demonstrate all of AdvanceTEC’s core values in a single location: Safety, Training, Technology, Innovation, Logistics, and a profound sense of Teamwork!  Building our world-class fabrication center has only one thing in mind: Our Customers!  Delivering high-quality materials, trained tradesmen, and best fabrication practices in the industry. The world of clean room building is becoming increasingly exhilarating, and AdvanceTEC stands at the forefront of this excitement.” Gene Taylor, Director of Integration.  

“AdvanceTEC has been leading in technology and efficient project deliveries for years.   Our investment in off-site prefabrication and modularization at the Innovation Center puts us far ahead of competitors,” said Drew

Fischer, Director of Operations. “We have always strived for innovation and customer-centric solutions… to now see the excitement in the market for AdvanceTEC, and our Innovation Center is amazing.”

“AdvanceTEC’s 24-year commitment to technological advancement and client satisfaction has earned a strong reputation across our repeat & referral clients in the industry. Our collaboration with leading EPCM partners and long-standing clients, AdvanceTEC continues to lead the evolving demands of the cleanroom sectors—biotech, cleantech, and nanotechnology” Bryan Phelan, Managing Partner, and Director of Customers.  

For more information about AdvanceTEC’s off-site prefabrication and modularization capabilities, please visit [source:] or contact the company to schedule an in-person visit.

About AdvanceTEC

AdvanceTEC is a design-build contractor specializing in cleanroom design, construction, and process integration. With its state-of-the-art Innovation Center in Clayton, North Carolina, AdvanceTEC delivers cutting-edge cleanroom prefabrication and modularization solutions to clients across biotech, nanotech, and cleantech. Our commitment to excellence and client-centric approach has made us the trusted partner for clients requiring highly controlled environments

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