AdvanceTEC Completes Turn - key Design Build Tool Installation at the University of Waterloo ’s Lazaridis Quantum - Nano Centre

Intelligent BIM coordination and teamwork enables world-class cleanroom facility

Richmond, VA, November 07, 2014 – AdvanceTEC, a leader in cleanroom design, cleanroom construction, and process system installation, today announced the successful completion of its cleanroom fitout and process tool installation phase at the University of Waterloo’s Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre. As part of this project, AdvanceTEC designed and installed the high purity piping, electrical distribution, DI water distribution, life safety and toxic gas systems, as well as performed the installation of the University’s sophisticated fabrication toolset at the Quantum NanoFab cleanroom. Originally constructed by AdvanceTEC, the Quantum NanoFab houses state-of-the-art nanofabrication equipment for quantum and nanotechnology devices, materials and process research. The facility is jointly shared by the university’s Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) and the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN).

“For a project this critical to the University, it is vital to work with the right partners to ensure success,” commented Vito Logiudice, Director of Operations. “AdvanceTEC’s experience in such projects, coupled with their advanced in house BIM modeling capabilities enabled us to see how the facility would look and function ahead of time and make adjustments to improve the process flow and future maintenance access. This allowed us to optimize the ultimate performance of the facility, and contributed to a methodical execution of the project. In the end, it was AdvanceTEC’s team attitude in working with the University and field execution team that led to the success of our project.”

“AdvanceTEC has a long history of working with leading universities, completing mission critical projects on active campuses,” noted Bryan Phelan, AdvanceTEC managing partner and director of sales, marketing and preconstruction services. “Ensuring the safety of students, staff and contractors is at the forefront, as is minimizing disruption or downtime for our clients. On this project, our up front field survey, engineering and BIM modeling allowed us to identify and sequence work ahead of time. Through our solid partnership with the University and our contractors, we were able to deliver a highly successful project.”

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