AdvanceTEC Announces its Intelligent Technology Initiative

Initiative combines the company’s technical knowledge and field experience with leading-edge technologies to advance operational excellence and enhance customer satisfaction

Richmond, VA, October 14, 2013 – AdvanceTEC, a leader in cleanroom design and construction, today has unveiled its Intelligent Technology Initiative. The Initiative seeks to couple the company’s extensive field experience and technical expertise with leading-edge technologies in ways that have a meaningful impact on the operational performance of its project teams, suppliers, subcontractors, and ultimately benefit its clients. At its core, the Intelligent Technology Initiative focuses on implementation of the latest hardware and software tools to enhance team performance on projects from kick-off to commissioning.

“Our team at AdvanceTEC has always been on the leading edge of cleanroom design and construction, and equipped with the tools that enable them to operate at their best,” noted Bryan Phelan, AdvanceTEC managing partner and director of sales, marketing and preconstruction services. “Through our Intelligent Technology Initiative, we are investing in training, hardware and software to even better harness the expertise of our team through our use of the latest technology tools. Our goal is to drive operational excellence – in what we do, how we do it, and how we work with our partners and clients. By expanding our use of the right technologies, we will further improve our speed, efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in continued project success and enhanced client satisfaction.”

As a part of this Initiative, the company has outfitted all of its construction and project managers with iPad tablets. The use of tablet technology provides immediate access to all project files and drawings in the field – right at the point of use. It also allows the field team to physically walk through an area – before it is constructed – with our BIM model in the palm of their hands. When issues arise during construction, our team is able to clearly illustrate the issue, sharing video, photos and other information in real-time. This allows solutions to be developed more quickly, and updated information and drawings can be immediately available to the on-site team. Since deploying this technology, the company reports that it has already seen improved collaboration and communication within its internal team, suppliers and subcontractors.

Additional projects as a part of AdvanceTEC’s Intelligent Technology Initiative are currently underway, including advancements in its engineering, design and BIM modeling capabilities.

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