Turn the Page… 2019 and Beyond!

February 6, 2019

Entering a new year is like listening to the old Bob Segar song – Turn the Page. 2018 is over, 2019 has begun and we’ve turned the page and pushed forward with the new year. Now I realize that aside from the date you write on checks (if you still write any checks), the new year is not on day one markedly different than the day before. It’s more of a continuation of the trends and environment that we were already in. Nevertheless, turning the page gives us a chance to stop and think about what the new year holds in store.

For AdvanceTEC, one of the new (continuing) challenges is how to continue to be the best in the business and deliver for our clients in a market with ~4% unemployment – and actually lower than that for the truly skilled personnel that AdvanceTEC’s mission critical work requires. Our world and our clients keep driving forward with new technologies and advancements in their businesses – 5G wireless, blockchain, revolutionary biotech cures – which means AdvanceTEC has to be on the leading edge to serve the bleeding edge.

Technology is one way we make it happen. We are committed to making sure every one on our team has the best tools for them to be at their best… to get the job done efficiently, quickly, safely and right. And this goes beyond just benefitting our employees. The technologies we deploy – like VR 3D BIM – also drive the project experience and ultimately optimal end use performance for our client.

But tech is just one piece of the puzzle. We also never lose sight of what really got us to where we are today. Listening. Putting customers first. Teamwork. Safety over speed. Respect. Hard work. Integrity. Following through on promises. Making a commitment, and making it happen.

We may have turned the page on a new year and new challenges, but our song remains the same and our commitment to our clients, our employees, and our partners does not waiver.

Bryan Phelan
Managing Partner, AdvanceTEC

Bryan Phelan
Managing Partner, Director of Customers

As managing partner, Phelan is responsible for ensuring client satisfaction, shaping the company’s strategic direction, and managing all compliance aspects of the organization.

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