Intern Spotlight: Matthew Reid

August 10, 2021

AdvanceTEC intern using Revit software to program cleanroom calculations

Back for his second term, AdvanceTEC intern Matthew Reid hit the ground running this summer while working with our design team!

Matthew came back to us as a Mechanical Programming Intern where he was tasked with automating project workflows and calculations.  

As a third-year student at Clemson University, Matthew is working towards a B.S. in Mathematical Sciences with a concentration in Computer Science. Knowing this, and having worked with Matthew last summer, we knew he would fit right back in with our group of engineers and designers. Matthew applied his skills to learn various computations applied to building a cleanroom. “I learned everything from supply airflow, HEPA, infiltration and exfiltration calculations to return design and air handler calculations. I really enjoyed this because I am a huge math guy so performing calculations on real life problems was a good change.”

AdvanceTEC intern presenting calculations to management team

It wasn’t long until Matthew received his first assignment of the summer. “First, I had to relearn Revit and understand their programming software. From there, I used Revit’s information to generate 3D models based off certain parameters in the program”. After understanding how to utilize the model, Matthew then worked with our engineers discussing ideas on how he can help streamline their calculations. 

When asked about what he enjoyed most about his internship, without hesitation Matthew responded saying “The team atmosphere was what I enjoyed most. It was great coming into work and brainstorming with the team on how I can improve their calculations.” 

Matthew gives credit to Parker Brookfield, one of AdvanceTEC’s mechanical engineers, for helping him along the way. “Parker has been a strong mentor to me. He’s taught me so much about calculations, using Revit, and the process systems that go into a cleanroom.” 

When Matthew is not working or in the classroom, you can find him on the baseball diamond with the Clemson club baseball team. Being an avid golfer, he spends his off days working on his short game with his friends any chance he gets. 

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