Intern Spotlight: Matthew Burton

August 24, 2021

AdvanceTEC intern Matthew Burton

Back again!

After completing his first summer with us as a 3D printing intern, Matthew Burton joined our engineering and design team this summer as a programming intern. Tasked with enhancing AdvanceTEC’s automation processes in Revit, Matthew teamed up with our architectural team to spearhead this challenge.

As a second-year student at High Point University, Matthew is working towards a degree in computer science. With this background and his knowledge in programming, we knew he was up for our task! “I first had to learn everything about Revit. I then met with Matthew Reid, another AdvanceTEC programming intern who taught me about node based / visual programming. Once I was up to speed in Revit, I met with AdvanceTEC’s architectural team.” 

After meeting with the team, Matthew’s work officially began. “I had to perform a variety of testing and research to try and export the correct information out of the model. Utilizing excel formulas, functions, and some custom scripting, I was able to extract data from 3D models populating excel spreadsheets for the team. “

AdvanceTEC intern presenting node base scripting to teammates

Over the duration of his internship, Matthew created a variety of drawing lists, developed get and set parameter values, and found ways to identify certain elements in a project. 

When asked about what he enjoyed most about his internship, without hesitation Matthew responded saying “The supportive nature of the employees is what I enjoyed most. AdvanceTEC provided me with wonderful resources and the teams willingness to help me along the way was truly great.”

Matthew gives credit to Mark Roulinavage, Gene Taylor, and Matthew Reid for helping him with his programming. “Mark, Gene, and Matt taught me so much about Revit and framework that goes into that program. It was great working with another programming intern like Matthew Reid because I was able to pick his brain to troubleshoot some of the issues I encountered.”

Matthew Burton wrapped up his internship last week. He is looking forward to the rest of his summer where he plans on relaxing and hanging out with his friends before returning to High Point University.

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