Intern Spotlight: Mackenzie Zimmerman

August 17, 2021

Calculations, footcandle requirements, and mechanical equipment sheets were just a few of the tasks Mackenzie Zimmerman performed this summer with us!

Mackenzie joined our internship program as a mechanical and electrical engineering intern where she was tasked with understanding the variety of calculations and materials that go into planning, designing, and building a pharmaceutical cleanroom.

With a background in biomedical engineering, we wanted to provide Mackenzie with an internship experience where she is exposed to all facets of the cleanroom business. “I was a little nervous heading into my internship since I only had a year of introductory classes under my belt and limited knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering. However, once I met the team and began my training that feeling went away!”

It did not take long before Mackenzie was learning new design programs, performing calculations, and laying out equipment in 3D models. “I started working with Emad Rofaiel, one of AdvanceTEC’s electrical engineers. He taught me everything from lighting calculations to importing floorplans, to measuring footcandles and the recommended ratio of lighting for a cleanroom. It was truly eye opening to learn about the different electrical components that go into a cleanroom.” After a month of working with Emad and our electrical team, Mackenzie moved on to the next stage of her internship. 

This next stage involved researching, organizing, and programming mechanical equipment from previous models into an excel spreadsheet. Before Mackenzie started, “I researched the purpose and function of each piece of equipment to better understand the process by which a medication is made. Afterwards, I developed a set of parameters in Revit for each piece of equipment. After testing my parameters, I was able to export the correct data into my spreadsheet.”

AdvanceTEC intern using oculus virtual reality software to walkthrough a cleanroom project

When asked about what she enjoyed most about her internship, Mackenzie was quick to point out that the learning opportunities through the team and the variety of workshops held was her favorite. 

“There was a lot of new technology that I got to experience. I walked through the interstitial of a cleanroom using virtual reality, attended a 3D printing workshop, and trained on using AdvanceTEC’s Matterport scanner.”

AdvanceTEC interns walking on a walkable cleanroom ceiling

The field visit was another highlight to Mackenzie’s internship. “It was fascinating to witness the level of coordination and communication between AdvanceTEC’s construction team and the rest of the trades on the job site. Also, up until that point, I only saw drawings of equipment on a computer. So, to see the equipment firsthand was awesome!”

Outside of her internship, Mackenzie likes to stay active. She is an avid runner and enjoys spending her free time hitting the trails and working out. You can also find her spending time with her family hiking, going to the beach, and attending concerts. At the end of the summer, Mackenzie will be heading back to the University of Virginia where she will be working towards her degree in biomedical engineering.

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