The Calendar on the Fridge

October 3, 2019

The kids are back in school with their folders and notebooks and #2 pencils. Football is back on, and most fans can still dream that their team has a chance. College campuses are filled with students and their rooms back home are eerily empty. Holiday plans are starting to be pondered. A crispness is in the air which can only mean the changing of the seasons. The calendar on the fridge is filling up.

In the work world, the time is also marked by the return of Q4 initiatives. The pressure is on for remaining 2019 budget dollars to be spent. Year-end maintenance is being planned. Renovations are being scheduled for during holiday shutdowns. Planning and budgeting for 2020 is underway.

While all this is true, I can’t help but think that in the world that AdvanceTEC and our clients operate in that the seasonal schedule is not quite as important as it once was.

Why do I say this? While when I look at the companies we work with, I see new technology and advancement. I see continuous pressure to seize opportunities in a competitive arena. I see innovation. These things do not follow the calendar. They do not wait for a standard annual planning process.

The pace of business has changed. The windows to take advantage of new opportunities are becoming tighter and tighter. Businesses must be able to adapt and react and re-react at an incredible rate to be successful. They’re not tied to a calendar or a fiscal year plan – but to inflection points vs. the competition.

At AdvanceTEC, we work with some of the most innovative and fast-paced companies on the planet. As their needs for speed and flexibility have ramped up, we have had to adapt accordingly. We’ve listened to them, and deployed the people and technologies to meet the changing needs of their businesses. Our clients are passionate about delivering advancements ahead of the competition, and we’ve mobilized to serve them . . .

So while I still keep the calendar on the fridge at home, at work the calendar driven by technology, inflection points, competition, and a land grab for resources – that’s the new normal in the world of AdvanceTEC’s cleanroom clients.

Bryan Phelan
Managing Partner, AdvanceTEC

Bryan Phelan
Managing Partner, Director of Customers

As managing partner, Phelan is responsible for ensuring client satisfaction, shaping the company’s strategic direction, and managing all compliance aspects of the organization.

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