Project Enhancement and Risk Management

Your building isn’t built yet, but you need the soonest date possible for your ISO certified cleanroom?  Or maybe you’re trying to reduce project logistics and safety risks on-site.  Put AdvanceTEC’s modular execution, off-site fabrication, and JIT on-site integration to work for you to take advantage of concurrent schedule enhancement, increased quality, improved safety and risk management.

From innovative biotech start-ups to global chip companies, everyone is seeking to reduce risks, increase safety, and achieve a positive outcome.  Modular cleanroom architectural finishes have been embraced across industry of for years.  What’s new is the innovative approaches to modules, modularization, and decisions around what must be done on-site and what can be done off-site.  Better, faster, cleaner and safer.

AdvanceTEC is at the forefront advancements in project deliveries methods, leveraging technology, digital tools, automation, and even robotics to take high-tech construction integration to the next level.  Benefit from accelerated schedules, increased safety and higher quality – all while reducing risks, on-site logistics congestion and accidents by performing duties in an off-site fab shop.
Here’s just of few examples of what AdvanceTEC can do off-site:
  • Cleanroom modular finishes
  • MEP pipe racks
  • HVAC duct racks
  • Process Skid Plates
  • Gas sticks and racked pods
  • Zoned construction kits
  • Module (Pod) experience

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Technology is advancing at eye popping speeds – cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous cars – all demanding smarter, faster, more efficient and more reliable devices.

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