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Cleanroom Markets & Applications

Focusing on Our Clients’ Markets and Applications

Since our inception, AdvanceTEC has designed and constructed over two million square feet of advanced cleanroom facility for demanding applications. Whether you are breaking ground on a new chip plant, repurposing a pharmaceutical suite, or retrofitting a manufacturing line that was not required to “be clean” in the past, AdvanceTEC can help. We start by listening to you and understanding the unique requirements of your application, and then use our expertise to address the challenges for the design, construction and cost effective operation of your facility.


  • Leverage our experience solving industry and process specific challenges for mission critical applications with demanding project schedules
  • Benefit from our cost effective approaches to both upfront capital cost and energy efficient operations
  • Work closely with our industry experts and ownership team – who are directly involved in your success
  • Build with the confidence gained from our working knowledge of regulatory requirements, industry standards and applicable building codes
  • Utilize our comprehensive understanding of specialized mechanical and cleanroom architectural systems and how to best deploy them on your project

This section of our website provides more information about our approach of “designing from the inside out” and our experience in the key markets and applications we serve including:

Turn-key cleanroom design/build construction, and process tool installation & integration

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