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It’s that time of year again when many take a pause, and turn their thoughts to making an impact and helping others. And like many companies, the season of giving is in full force at AdvanceTEC. As we do every year, our team is working together to support local efforts to help those who need a helping hand.

While I’m proud of our team and their contributions during the holiday time, what makes me even more happy is that for many of them it’s not a just a once a year thing. Throughout the year, as a company and as individuals I believe we have made a difference – supporting a host of worthy causes like our local food bank, accessible playgrounds, autism research and shelters for battered women. We believe in taking care of our employees, and they believe in helping those around them.

I also believe we make an impact on people’s lives through the clients we partner with. As I look back over the years, our clients have done some amazing things that I’m proud to have been a part of. Their technologies and innovations have made an impact on people’s lives.

What do I mean? Well, our clients have been busy so it’s a big list: products and research to improve health and longevity, treatments for diabetes, cancer and terminal illnesses; breakthroughs in alternate energy and energy efficiency; advancements in connectivity, convenience and efficiency that help people enjoy their lives more; and the list goes on . . .

I’m proud of AdvanceTEC’s impact in 2018. Our employees have made a difference, both on and off the job. Our clients have made a difference, delivering advancements that improve people’s lives – and all of us at AdvanceTEC are honored to be a part of that. We thank you for the opportunities to work with you in 2018 and look forward to what we can accomplish together in 2019!

Bryan Phelan
Managing Partner, AdvanceTEC

Bryan Phelan - Managing Partner, AdvanceTEC 17-Dec-2018

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