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We have seen the future . . . and sometimes it looks funny.

We’ve seen the videos – someone with goofy goggles on, acting funny, looking like they’re on a crazy roller coaster or getting charged by a rhino. You know what I am talking about. It’s virtual reality (VR), and it’s for so much more than playing games and laughing at your friends.

Bryan Phelan - Managing Partner, AdvanceTEC 27-Sep-2018
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Lace ‘em Tight – It’s Time to Play

As we turn the page from summer to fall and from baseball to football, there is another page that is clearly turning – the US economy and in particular the “construction economy.”

Bryan Phelan - Managing Partner, AdvanceTEC 05-Oct-2017
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The Good Old Days

Remember the days of architectural drawings on paper created with actual pencils? Or even 2D CAD software? Look at how far we have come with technology.

Bryan Phelan - Managing Partner, AdvanceTEC 23-Jun-2017
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Walking Fast

I’ve talked about the “let’s get something done” mentality that I’ve been seeing as we begin 2017. As a part of this, there seems to be an added speed and intensity for many, a drive to take action. A subtle indication I think is that many seem to be walking faster.

Bryan Phelan - Managing Partner, AdvanceTEC 10-Mar-2017
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A New Year Springs a New Outlook

Now that the holidays are behind us and companies have closed their fiscal years, the natural progression is to focus on the New Year and what must get accomplished in the months ahead. It’s time to get back to work and the business of 2017.

Bryan Phelan - Managing Partner, AdvanceTEC 03-Jan-2017
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Some Things Should Never Change

In a business that serves the demands of ever advancing technologies, some things should things should never change. But in today’s fast-paced world,

Bryan Phelan - Managing Partner, AdvanceTEC 20-Oct-2016
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Celebrating 15 Years!

Fifteen years ago I decided to leave the big company bureaucracy and start AdvanceTEC.  I was working for a large contractor that many of you reading this would recognize.   I had grown tired of delivering clients projects where my project teams were rewarded based on increasing profits on the project, and not always for doing the right thing for the client or the project.

John Burton, Partner/Founder, Director of Engineering and Technology 14-Apr-2015
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