Design and Construction of Class 100 Cleanrooms

AdvanceTEC sets itself apart by having extensive expertise in design, construction and process system installation of Class 100 cleanrooms, serving clients in the Nanotechnology, Microelectronics, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries.  We bring constructability into the design process, and apply our field knowledge to compress schedules and control costs.

  • Proven experience in all aspects of cleanroom design and construction across various markets and applications
  • Maximum schedule compression through tight alignment of design and construction activities
  • Turnkey design/build, to plan and spec construction, to cleanroom architectural envelopes, to process tool installation

Design Approach

Successful execution of a Class 100 cleanroom project starts with process utility layout and design.  AdvanceTEC brings its proven Class 100 cleanroom knowledge and experience to address your critical project challenges.

  • Process utility and exhaust design
  • Extensive mechanical and architectural system design & integration
  • National and local code compliance experience and knowledge
  • Energy efficient HVAC design

Construction Approach

Throughout the Class 100 cleanroom construction process, AdvanceTEC projects are led by our experienced, salaried on-site construction management teams driving successful project execution.

  • Broad understanding of cleanroom specifications and applications
  • Project specific clean build protocol
  • Comprehensive process system installation capabilities
  • Robust commissioning and startup
  • Strong safety program and record

Class 100 Cleanroom Specifications

Particle Requirements

US Federal Standard 209E Cleanroom Standards*

  Maximum Particles / ft³ ISO
≥0.1 µm ≥0.2 µm ≥0.3 µm ≥0.5 µm ≥5 µm

Class 100

  750 300 100   ISO 5

*US FED STD 209E was cancelled by the General Services Administration on November 29, 2001.

ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom Standards

  Maximum Particles / m³ FED STD 209E
≥0.1 µm ≥0.2 µm ≥0.3 µm ≥0.5 µm ≥1 µm ≥5 µm


100,000 23,700 10,200 3,520 832 29 Class 100

Air Exchange Rates

• 40-60 FPM room plane velocity


• 60-80% ceiling coverage
• 99.99% HEPA filters

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